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Susannah Mushatt Jones is the world's new oldest person aged 115

A 115-year-old New York resident is now the world’s oldest person.

Susannah Mushatt Jones’ new title was confirmed by the Gerontology Research Group after the previous record-holder, Jeralean Talley of Inkster, Michigan, died at 116.

New Yorker Susannah Mushatt Jones is the world's oldest person but she still lives at home and eats what she wants.

Miss Jones was the third-oldest of 11 siblings, born and raised in Lowndes County, Alabama, about an hour southwest of Montgomery.

An aspiring teacher, she moved to New York City in 1923, where she ended up taking care of the children of wealthy families.

Though married for a short time, she didn’t have kids, and so she always treated the ones she watched over as if they were her own.

These days, she is generally in good health, considering her age.
Although she has been blind from glaucoma since she was 100, Miss Jones only takes a multivitamin and a pill for her blood pressure every day.

She never drank or smoked.

Miss Jones will celebrate her 116th birthday on July 6, according to the Gerontology Research Group, which keeps records of human longevity.

She lives at home in New York with the assistance of health workers and sleeps 10 hours a night and takes naps during the day.

Her niece Lois Judge said she liked to begin the day with a substantial breakfast which often included bacon and has a partiality for lacy lingerie.

Her family will gather as normal for her birthday celebrations next month - but as yet nobody has confirmed if they will take her for a day trip to Victoria's Secret.

Source: Mirror, NYDailyNews, Time, Internet

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